Caister Castle Motor Museum Gives Car Enthusiasts a Thrill

Set in the beautifully tended grounds of Caister Castle, the UK’s largest and most important collection of motor vehicles has its own dedicated museum.

Caister Castle car collection features some once-in-a-lifetime treats for car lovers, so if you’ve never heard of this well-kept secret, why not make it the destination for your next daytrip?

The Caister Castle car collection features a staggering selection of vehicles, including an ultra-rare 1893 Panhard et Levassor, widely agreed to be the world’s first motor car, as well as the very first Ford Fiesta to come off the production line. Other highlights include a collection of celebrity cars, including Formula 1 legend Jim Clark’s Lotus.

The Caister Castle Car Museum also houses an extensive collection of motorbikes as well as more ancient vehicles such as horse drawn carts and early experimental bicycles. This focus on the history of travel shows how far humanity has come, and really shows off the technical marvels of modern cars.

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