Caister in World Radio Event

Caister to celebrate birth of radio with Marconi tribute

On 30th April, Caister Lifeboat Visitor centre will be contacting sites all over the world via radio, as a tribute to Guglielmo Marconi, one of the forefathers of radio.

Historic stations across the world, from Cape Cod to Bologna, Italy will all be taking part in the event.

Caister was selected as a historical site to host the event because of its Marconi wireless station, that was set up in 1900. The day of the event, the 30th April, represents the closest Saturday to the birthday of Marconi.

The original station was housed in the ‘Pretoria Villa’ in Caister high street and was used for contacting ships in the North Sea. Its aerial stood over 150 feet high and could make radio communications as far as 200 miles away.

The Norfolk Amatuer Radio Club (NARC) ran the event last year and had some amazing results. Using the call name GB0CMS, the Caister base contacted Queensland in Australia, as well as several sites in the United States.

The Marconi Wireless station in Caister ran until 1909 until it was taken over by the Post Office. The site even became a place for training light shipman in telegraphy in WW1.

Today the building houses another station, that of the Norfolk Constabulary.

Yet Caister will continue to celebrate the rich history of Marconi this year, and hopefully for many years to come.

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