Caister Lifeboat Makes Most Adorable Rescue Yet

Caister’s unique independent volunteer lifeboat crew is the pride of the town, and are know for their daring rescues, but this week saw the team save the life of Milly, a deaf chocolate labrador who got into deep water.

When Milly swam out into the (admittedly irresistible) waters off the coast of Caister, her owner Heather Magee was tempted to swim out after her, but a friend persuaded her to notify the coastguard instead. Within minutes, the Caister lifeboat was on the sence and Milly was safely on her way back to dry land.

“We walk on the beach every day and she is quite happy to go paddling,” Mrs Magee told the Evening News, “But she saw this gull and went swimming after it. The seagull kept flying off then landing in front of her and Milly just followed him. She was just a dot in the distance. I was desperate, I wanted to go in after her but I know you’re not meant to do that.

Have you got a personal experience of the bravery of the Caister lifeboatmen? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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