Caister Lifeboatmen Celebrate Jubilee Success

For the men of the Caister Lifeboat, the Jubilee meant more than street parties and Pimms, as they prepared to take part in the epic Thames flotilla. Though the weather may have put off a few fairweather sailors, the men of Caister are used to dealing with the elements, and took the rain in their stride.

At the first meeting of Caister Lifeboat trust since the Jubilee, organisers celebrated a successful Jubilee appearance, and looked forward to getting back into the normal routine.

Chairman Paul Garrod told the Evening News: “The atmosphere going through central London was incredible. We were close to the bank on the south side of the river and could hear the deafening shouts and cheers of every spectator. Every space was filled and people were hanging over every office balcony. It was a once in a lifetime experience.”

If you want to discover the incredible heritage and daring of the Caister Lifeboat, and find out how they got their indelible motto of ‘Never Turn Back,’ why not check out Nicholas Leach’s brilliant book, Never Turn Back: An Illustrated History of Caister Lifeboats

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