Caister Lifeboats to Join Jubilee Flotilla

Vessels from all over Britain will converge on the Thames this summer to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and now it has been announced that Caister’s renowned lifeboats will be part of the record breaking flotilla.

Caister’s Bernard Matthews II vessel, one of the town’s independently run emergency lifeboats, will join boats from Lowestoft and Yarmouth as part of the seven mile long watergoing procession.

Caister Lifeboat Chairman Paul Garrod told the EDP:“We are delighted to be part of such a historic and proud event. This is a great honour for our independent lifeboat. It is a true recognition for all the hard work of not only our current crew, but everyone involved since we became independent in 1969.”

The flotilla will pass under 14 bridges and take 90 minutes to pass any given point, and up to 20,000 people will be aboard the various vessels, which include boats which took part in the Dunkirk rescue as well as pleasure craft and fishing boats, celebrating centuries of British naval history.

Lord Salisbury, the chairman of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation, has said that the pageant will cost £10m.

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