Caister Set For a Bumper 2016


Caister is set to benefit from another bumper crop of visitors in 2016 as tourism in the local area continues to grow.

For most coastal areas tourism is a massive part of the industry and Caister is no different. Southwold based communications agency Spring has been working on a campaign to boost tourism in the local area and they are confident that they will be able to spread the word.

Company representative Erika Clegg cites Liverpool as an example of how areas can develop- “It was a bit of a cultural desert and now it is a really thriving scene attracting people from a wide area.” She then adds that in many respects East Anglia is better poised to take advantage “We are much nearer London and the South East and have fantastic cultural offerings throughout the year.”

However this is not just empty rhetoric- Tourism is worth £2.8 billion in Norfolk alone. Warmer summers in recent years have seen a big boost to visitor numbers and that trend is set to continue with searches on the local area up by around a third.

In short it is an encouraging time for tourism in the local area and it is likely this is something that will further add to the growth of the region as a whole.

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