Changing Rooms Changing Eco Holiday Homes

TV Celebrity Anna Ryder Richardson comes to Caister in support of Haven Holiday Parks eco friendly project.

The celeb, who has been a designer for BBC’s Changing Rooms and has had a spell in the jungle for I’m a Celebrity, is touring holiday parks in the region to promote environmentally friendly projects.

Haven, which has four parks in Norfolk, has created a holiday home caravan that runs on environmentally friendly features. The new caravan is designed to save 45% of electricity and gas costs reducing carbon emissions and cutting spending.

Richardson, who is backing the scheme, is heavily involved with protecting the environment. At present the TV star owns Manor House Wildlife Park in Wales. The conservation led zoo, aims at protecting and supporting endangered species and has over 52 acres of organically maintained land.

Anna told the Norwich Evening News,

“Eco-tourism is a major player in changing the way we live our lives and the more we adapt and change our own practice the better it is for the planet. Holidaying in the UK is not only fun but it’s also better for our carbon footprint. I love the idea of taking this one step further by buying a caravan that has such low impact on the environment.”

Anna Richardon is appearing at Caister Holiday Park on Saturday 21st May at 3pm.

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