Enjoy the fantastic public parks in Caister

Outdoor Playground Areas by Admiral

Diana Way Community Park is a great example of the fantastic public parks in Caister

Public parks are a great way to get out in the open air- they provide a free place to go for a walk, a chance to take in local nature and generally provide somewhere for people to meet and relax.

Diana Way Community Park is a great example of this because of the range of facilities it provides. The green open space is large and expansive, so people walking their dogs won’t get in the way of people getting their exercise. A hard standing area provides both a great pitch for team sports but also perfect for racket sports like tennis.

A common problem with local community facilities is that although they provide facilities for younger kids and adults some teenagers and young adults may not get the kind of facilities they need. At the Diana Way Community Park they counter this by providing a BMX and skate park area, giving both something for them to do and somewhere to go.

While Caister as a coastal town is well known (and rightly so) for the beach and the holiday park it is fair to say this is also a fantastic area to explore and see another side of this fantastic town.

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