Handy dog walks in Caister


Now that the festive season is over and 2016 has arrived, it’s time to get out and about and burn off some of that brandy butter. Walking a dog is a great way to get fit while improving the health of your dog, and there are some great places to walk your dog in Caister (and they can be fun for you too!)

One of the most obvious places to walk your dog in Caister is by the sea. The Caister North beach is perfect for dog walking (plus there is always the amusing novelty of posting “I’m walking my dog to California” before people realise you’re talking about the California beach in the UK rather than its slightly more glamorous equivalent in America!)

The South beach is also a great place to explore- with the lifeboat station and the Scratby windfarm there are some fantastic photo opportunities as well as providing plenty of exercise for you and your dog. Away from the beach the Caister Roman Site provides another place to give your dog a place to walk while at the same time providing a fascinating piece of history (although you need to keep your dog on a lead- check local websites for more information on restrictions)

In short Caister provides a number of fascinating places that will not only give your dog plenty of exercise but also provide a wonderful way to pass the time during your stay in Caister.

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