Outdoor Playground Equipment in Schools

Playing is a serious thing for Norfolk Schools

Although not on the official curriculum of schools, play is a very serious subject when it comes to the happiness and learning ability of children on a day to day basis.

Playground areas are not just simple sets of swings and slides anymore. Companies like Admiral Play take a lot of care into designing Outdoor Playground Equipment and Areas that challenge and stimulate children, as they explain below,

“At Admiral, our play spaces and play schemes are individually designed for your requirements, harmonising the needs of the children with the surrounding landscape and retaining a strong focus on natural play, where children can create their own world of adventure and make believe.”

“The play areas we design fuse natural products such as logs and boulders with high quality play equipment to provide an exciting balance between safety and enjoyment. We believe that learning to judge risk, for example in jumping from a boulder or climbing frame, is an important part of a child’s development and our designs are stimulating and challenging but within a safe and controlled environment.”

Having play areas and equipment like this, created from natural products is also a great way of integrating a play area with the local environment, making sure the playground is in keeping with its surroundings.

Schools in Norfolk and indeed across the UK are investing in play equipment like this, to extend learning to the playground, while having fun at the same time.

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