Rare Black Redstart Spotted in Caister

One of Britain’s rarest birds, the Black Redstart, has been sighted in Caister, recently.


In a monumental triumph for birdwatching in Caister-on-sea, Saturday 5th April saw a flurry of sightings of the elusive Black Redstart in the village. With only about 100 breeding pairs in the UK, the Black Redstart has been placed on the amber list of Birds of Conservation Concern. Though they have adapted to live in urban, industrial areas in the last century, these Redstarts actually appear to be quite comfortable in the Norfolk countryside.

Discernible by their distinctive red tails and robin-like movements, the tiny Black Redstarts are as beautiful and endearing as they are elusive. Though they often only appear in Winter, the sighting of these rare birds in April is sure to boost the impact of birdwatching in Caister-on-sea and attract even more bird spotters to this already popular area.

At this time of year, it’s likely that the Redstarts are only migrants, but if you head down to Caister today, you may just have a chance of glimpsing one!

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