Roman Around Caister? Make Sure to Check Out Gariannonum, its Ancient Fort!

Caister's Historic Fort

Caister-on-Sea’s not all about the great attractions, sandy beaches, and family friendly fun – it’s also home to the remains of one of Britain’s oldest Roman forts! Caister’s historical attraction dates from around AD 200, at the very least, and includes intact wall and ditch sections as well as original building foundations.

One of the ‘Saxon Shore’ types of construction, Caister’s historic Roman fort still remains completely mysterious as to what it was actually used for. Some experts think that it’s an ancient kiln and water tank; others believe that it was once a defence against marauding Saxons called ‘Gariannonum’. The real question, though, is what do YOU make of it?

Though probably abandoned by about 370 AD, today the construction is very much alive thanks to English Heritage who allow visitors to access the fort completely free. Not only does it make for a great day out for the kids, dogs are welcome too, so long as they’re kept on a lead. Additionally, Caister’s beaches are only a stone’s throw away and make for a pleasant walk without all of the hustle and bustle of Yarmouth.

So, what are you waiting for? Caister’s ancient treasure is waiting for you to discover it, today!

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