Take a trip to Caister


Fun fact- Caister was once the most populated village in the UK. While this may not be true now the fact is that it remains a popular destination and is a great place to go if you fancy visiting somewhere a little different in the New Year..

One of the biggest attractions about Caister is like Lowestoft it has the advantage of a sandy beach. This offers a wide range of appeal to different people- for people keen to work off some of the post Christmas pounds a run along the beach can often be an enticing challenge!

For kids there is something great going to the beach regardless of when you are going. The added advantage of going to the beach over the winter period is that it is often quieter and it does mean that for parents there is the chance to relax a little and not have to spend so much time chasing around at home, allowing them a little bit of much needed breathing space as well.

However there is the chance to do something a little different. One great example is the Murder Mystery walking trail. As well as getting the chance to do a walk and burn off some calories there is always the chance to work your mind as well (something that may give some hesitant kids something they may actually want to do!) Also don’t worry if you have a pushchair or use a wheelchair- this trail is suitable for them as well!

The other great thing about this trail is that it takes around 2 hours. This is ideal if you want some time away from the house or want something to take your mind off snacks at the weekend when you’re trying to be sensible. One problem about keeping fit is that it can be treated as a chore- however walking around outside can be very pleasurable and there is the added benefit of being able to go when you want to without feeling the pressure to keep up with those confident people who strut as they jog on the treadmill!

Equally there are plenty of other sights to see (including the first offshore windfarm, fact fans!) while going on a trip around a beautiful beach. It may seem strange but this can often be a great way to relax after the Christmas period giving yourself some much needed breathing space. In short a trip to Caister in the New Year could help you through the difficult period post Christmas!


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