The Best Caister Books

Caister has a long and varied history, from its Roman origins up to its current life as a charming tourist destination. In the meantime, it has seen some epic events, many linked to its volunteer lifeboat crew, which was first instituted in 1791.

The lifeboats gave Caister its’ motto: “Never Turn Back” although if you’re interested in local history, you may want to ignore that suggestion, as by turning back through time you may learn some incredible local stories.

There are so many heroic tales attached to the Caister lifeboat that it’s no surprise that our top pick is Colin Tooke’s Caister: Beach Boats and Beachmen which offers a fascinating insight into generations of incidents off and on the coast of Caister.

Continuing the lifeboat theme, Nicholas Leach’s Never Turn Back: An Illustrated History of Caister Lifeboats is an incredible recounting of centuries of lifeboat history. This is a truly excellent book, and makes a great gift for local history buffs.

David Collin Higgins’ book, Caister: The Sea Story is an incredible overview of the history of Caister, and one of the best Caister books available. Great as a gift, or just to satisfy your own curiosity, this is a book to be treasured.

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