What a Weekend in Caister

The Easter weekend saw Caister bathed in brilliant sunshine, as huge numbers of people flocked to the beaches.

This Easter Bank Holiday Weekend went against the usual bank holiday plan. As is so common with bank holidays, workers relish a long weekend, only to be hampered by cloud and rain.

Yet not this one! Brilliant sunshine covered all of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with temperatures beyond 25C.

The exotic weather certainly brought everyone out onto the beaches of Caister. The front was packed with holiday goers all weekend. Caisters pubs and restaurants must have relished the wealth of customers brought by the sunshine.

One Caister visitor, Timothy Jones, commented, “We’ve had a really good weekend in Caister. Its not been too bad at all on the beach. We’ve just been sitting out soaking it up”.

Father of two, Ken Gordon, was delighted with the weather as well, “The kids have had a really good time, you can’t beat Britain when its sunny, you can always have a great laugh”.

Hopefully the good times will continue in Caister, as we look towards another long bank holiday weekend, as the Royal Wedding approaches. Roll on Friday!

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