Wildlife Tours with Carl Chapman


Writer Simon Barnes was initially cynical before he went on a tour of Norfolk’s wildlife with Carl Chapman of Wildlife Tours and Education

While it is not always necessarily easy to take a walk across the Norfolk marshes or countryside (it can be a bit “bracing”, especially around the winter months) the fact is that what people can see is more than worth the effort- you don’t even necessarily have to be that eagle eyed to spot lapwings, pink footed geese or wild swans.

What does help is if you have a guide like Carl Chapman- he is someone who is very knowledgeable about local wildlife and his tours help to educate people about the local area. According to the writer Simon Barnes he also seems to have an odd charm that seems to attract a range of birds to them (According to him amongst others they managed to spot a buzzard, a blob and some snow buntings).

Wildlife Norfolk offer a range of things to do around the local countryside including birdwatching days, the Norfolk Safari and photography workshops. Look up Wildlife Norfolk and Education online for more information and to learn more about the fascinating wildlife in the local area.

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